As you may know, from time to time drains may crack and joints open up as a result of ground movement, water infiltration, root ingress or vehicular traffic. The only solution in the past has been to locate the defective area and repair the pipe after excavating to expose the drain. This is no longer the case.

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While excavating is still necessary in some cases, Plumbing Assist offers a range of no dig repair techniques to repair structural and non structural defects in drains. This is a major advantage providing a quick, efficient and cost effective solution to our clients.

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No-dig technology has moved so fast in recent years that we can now repair anything from small breaks in an underground pipe to collapsed sewers without a digger ever being required.

All the problems you’d expect with drains can be fixed using a range of technologies available at Plumbing Assist, from fractures and cracks to subsidence invasions by tree roots and corrosion.