Plumbing Maintenance in Sydney

Plumbing Assist frequently asked questions have been put together for your convenience.

Can you tell me exactly how much this plumbing job will cost me over the phone?

In order to develop your trust in us, we will only ever quote you over the phone on a job that we know with 100% certainty that we will not change the price on you. If we can not offer you an over the phone quote; that is not because we do not want to, it’s just that we will need to do a site inspection first because we have never disappointed our clients with an invoice that they weren’t expecting.

How much will a quote cost?

Plumbing Assist are proud to offer a free, no obligation inspection of all residential, commercial and industrial premises such as homes, businesses, churches, schools and hospitals. As a part of our no obligation inspection we will perform a complete walk through and examination of your premises. Our inspection combined with a preventative maintenance schedule will ensure that your plumbing and drainage systems are working properly.

Why is my drain blocked?

There are a number of common issues that create a need for drain cleaning and these include

- Quilted toilet paper, which doesn’t break apart as easily as non-quilted brands.
– Animal litter can also become a major source of clogging if flushed down the toilet.
– Foreign object (normally the children are at fault here)
– Solid food objects caught in the drain.

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